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2 Har's Newest Member

In first grade, 1Har wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs. Harvey asking for a class pet and she said, "YES!"There were some bumps in the road and we had to wait until 2nd grade to get our pet.Now we have a Mississippi Map Turtle in our room, 201! We had a vote and we named him, Mr. Ssippi.  (Get it?? Mississppi-Mr. Ssippi)

Driscoll School Picnic

Wednesday, September 17th, 5PM
Driscoll Playground
Bring your dinner and eat on the playground with your grade level. Dessert provided.
Wear your class color to show your grade level spirit!
Kindergarten-Red, 1st Grade-Orange, 2nd Grade-White, 3rd Grade- Green, 4th Grade-Blue, 5th Grade-Red, 6th Grade-Any color stripes, 7th Grade-White, 8th Grade-Black.

Driscoll Reads All Summer

All students at Driscoll School must read at least 5 books over the summer, but don’t stop there.  Most students read many more books. Be sure to read books you love that are just right books.  Parents should encourage students to read 30 minutes a day. Students who read regularly keep their skills fresh. You can find everything you need at the Driscoll Library Summer Page.