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Arts Equinox 2014

Opening Ceremonies, Wednesday, April 16!

Ravens Hatching

Watch ravens hatch via Wellesley College's LIve Raven Cam.


The Driscoll Girls team are the Brookline Basketball Champions. The Boys team took second place in the Town finals.

March Nurse Notes

Spring is in the air and I am ready to leave the cold behind until next winter. If your child suffers with seasonal allergies, please consult with their pediatrician to plan ahead to minimize absences due to allergy symptoms. If your child needs allergy medicine at school including eye drops, I will need parent and physician consents to administer even over the counter medications. 

Pennies for Patients grand amount raised were $1424.04 for the Lymphoma Leukemia Society.  Thank you all for your hard work and generosity. It was very touching to see the enthusiasm and effort of your children during this process.

Read the Entire Note Here

Seventh Grade CNY Video

Use the Parent Password to view the Panda Story produced, written, and directed by the 7th grade Mandarin class.